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Tortle Ninja is a DeFi meta aggregator, which allows the creation of Tortle Combo Recipes, combinations of DeFi operations that allow you to create, shoot, repeat, and simply copy complex investment strategies.

How tortle works

Tortle enables the users to create combinations of DeFi operations as well as triggering them when certain conditions are met.

With Tortle, anyone can create financial products and strategies: fintech, crypto enthusiasts, tailor-made funds, financial products, leveraging risk and profits, and even old-school sordid bankers build can pack and use complex crypto operations.

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Tortle Combo recipes

Tortle uses Tortle Combo Recipes, these recipes are sets of different nodes that create products and strategies, our first recipe will be what we call a Bitcoin Savings Account. A bitcoin savings account is a DeFi combination that let new users to DeFi generate this combination:

First Swap any coin to BTCB
Yield Farm those BTCB into different providers showing risks and possible profits.
Stake your tokens and earn rewards.
Liquidate your position anytime.

Bitcoin savings account

tortle diagramtortle diagram

Other recipes

Tortle does not have only one recipe, take a look at our great Combo Recipes we have crafted for you, and you can craft your own too.



Create a basket of different cryptocurrencies, and yield farm them.

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Buy BTC and ETH and sell if they lose more than a %

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